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The Gear Pouch solves the number one question people have when looking at a closed pouch, “What’s inside?” A clear, durable TPU window means you never have to unzip the pouch just to find what you’re looking for. In addition, the Gear Pouch provides an extra layer of protection for everything from viewfinders and monitors to lenses and filters. It will also help organize cables of all kinds, and it's especially well-suited for mission critical cables, like those that tether a camera to a computer.

The Gear Pouch comes in a 2-piece set, including both the 7.5- and 11.5-inch size. Wherever you need protection and organization at the same time, the Gear Pouch is the right tool for the job.

Tenba Tools is a collection of versatile, problem solving accessories designed to keep everything organized and protected, from memory cards and batteries to cameras and lenses and everything in between. This collection includes card wallets, cable pouches, packable bags, padded camera inserts and more, with each Tool designed to meet the critical demands of professional photographers and filmmakers.

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0.25 lbs ( 0.1 kg )

Exterior Dimensions

11.5 in. W x 7.5 in. H x 0.5 in.D ( 29 X 19 X 1 cm )

Interior Dimensions

11.25 in. W x 7.25 in. H x 0.25 in. D ( 29 X 18 X 1 cm )