SMALLRIG Arri Rosette Handle (Rubber) 1963 (DISCONTINUED)

SMALLRIG Arri Rosette Handle (Rubber) 1963 (DISCONTINUED)

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SmallRig Arri Rosette Handle (Rubber) 1963 attaches to any Arri compatible rosette accessories with an M6 thread mounting hole. For example, it can be used with SmallRig Cage 1828 and SmallRig Dogbone Arri Rosette Arm 1684. This handgrip comes with an Arri standard rosette (31.8mm diameter) and an M6-threaded locking lever. It allows for free angle adjustment. It is equipped with a cold shoe mount, and you can attach additional accessories, like flash or LED video lights, microphones,etc to it. The holding part is made of rubber, which increases the friction of hand for easy operation.

Key Features:
1. Compatible with any Arri standard accessories. 
2. Quick attachment and removal.
3. 360°angle adjustment.
4. Allows shoe mount accessories attachment.

Arri standard rosette accessories

Package Includes:
1 x Arri Rosette Handle

Product Dimensions: 40x31.8x182mm
Net Weight: 189g
Package Size: 210x54x42mm
Package Weight: 226g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy + Rubber