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JJC ES-898 Easy Switch Controller allows you trigger your camera through your smart-phone. Just use a JJC Shutter Release Cable (separate purchase required) to connect this controller and your camera. Then connect our Easy Switch controller with your smart phone through blue tooth. You are ready to take perfect photos in three modes: Manual Shot, Timer Shot and Scheduled Timer Remote. The DELAY time, BULB time and INTERVAL time can all be set from anywhere to 99hrs 59min 59s 900ms. The number of exposures can be set from 1 to 999 shots or infinite. The unique scheduled timer remote mode allows you set six different timer exposure plans to meet your needs. With this controller, your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices will function as a wireless timer remote to control your digital cameras. This controller also acts as a wire remote switch. It allows you half press the shutter button on the controller into focus, full press to take a photo.


Note: ‍
JJC ES-898 adopts a standard shoe mount, some cameras do not have shoe mount or adopt non-standard shoe, so JJC ES-898 just can not mount to the body on your camera. You will just need to let it lay aside the camera for use. This does not have influences on the blue tooth signal between your iPhone and the JJC ES-898, thus does not change or reduce the functions of JJC ES-898.


Since our ES-898 does not provide a shutter release cable, you will need to purchase a JJC cable to fit your camera. If you have two cameras or above, you will just need to purchase different cables to use them with our ES-898 and your cameras, thus saving the cost after purchasing our ES-898.

*Optional JJC Shutter Release Cables
Cable-A replaces CANON RS-80N3 / TC-80N3
Cable-B replaces NIKON MC-30 / MC-36 / MC-36A
Cable-C replaces CANON RS-60E3 / PENTAX CS-205
Cable-D replaces PANASONIC DMW-RSL1
Cable-F replaces MINOLTA RC-1000S/L / RM-S1AM / RM-S1LM
Cable-F2 for SONY Camera with Multi Interface
Cable-G replaces NIKON MC-DC1
Cable-M replaces NIKON MC-DC2
Cable-J replaces OLYMPUS RM-UC1
Cable-H replaces SIGMA CR-11
Cable-I replaces SIGMA CR-21
Cable-I2 replaces SIGMA CR-31
Cable-K replaces FUJIFILM RR-80
Cable-N replaces SAMSUNG ED-SR2NX02
Cable-R replaces FUJIFILM RR-90