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Main Features

Color Temperature: 3200-5600K variable

Extra big and slim: 31.5" x 1/2" thick

High CRI 93 above

Flicker-free 10-100% dimming variable

LCD display the CCT and brightness

V-mount battery plate

AC power adapter for using under AC100-240V

DMX function available


C-1500SV extra Round 31.5” Bi-color Soft Edge Light with V mount plate adopt the new Edge Light Tech into the LED light. Instead of the forward-facing LEDs like in the conversion panel light, this series light are with LEDs mounted on the frame of the light, with beam bounced from the inside diffusion material to give out a extremely soft, even light with no uncomfortable feeling to subject’s eye. Your subject can even see directly to the light during the shooting.


C-1500RSV is characteristic with the extra big luminous surface, the size reach to 31.5”(80cm) with the adjustable stand mount to adjust the light angle when be necessary.

The color of the light is from 5600K to 3200K and illuminance change from 100% to 10%. 

The back big LCD display screen shows the color temperature, light intensity and the DMX address. The light have choices of 3-pin and 5-pin DMX socket for market choices.

It is AC powered with external AC power adapter or the optional battery power by the V-mount battery plate on the back of the light.





LED Light Source LEDs
Color temperature 3200-5600K (±300K)
Brightness/Light Intensity 1900Lux/m, 655Lux/2m
Power(Wattage) 120W
Beam angle 75° flood
CRI >93
Lamp Lifetime 50,000 hrs
Working voltage AC110-240V, DC14.8-16.8V
External Power 14.8V Sony V-mount battery plate or AB plate
Dimension 80(diameter) x 8.7cm ( thickness 8.7cm include the back controller)
Weight 8.23kg



What is included

1x Light head

1x Adjustable stand mount 

2x V-mount battery plate

1x AC power adapter and Power Cable

1x DMX cable 

1x Hard Box



Other accessory for choice

C stand