MEKING Twin 5/8" Female L: 65mm

MEKING Twin 5/8" Female L: 65mm

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Meking Twin 5/8" Socket Mount provides a double ended 5/8" socket for connecting 2 Male 5/8" pins mounts

Example of such use would be the connection of a spiggot mounted on a director monitor rig to a Stand that only has the 5/8" pin option 

For convenience the MB-06A comes equiped with 2 knob for easy release on both ends wile the MB-06 only has 1 knob and 1 screw for a more permanent fixture on one end.


MB-06 MB-06A
Total Length 65MM 65MM
Mounting Option Double Sided 5/8" Socket Double Sided 5/8" Socket
Weight 0.08kg 0.08kg