CCTECH ZITAY D-Tap to F550 Dummy Battery Straight Cable D-Tap 转F550监视器供电

CCTECH ZITAY D-Tap to F550 Dummy Battery Straight Cable D-Tap 转F550监视器供电

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CCTECH Zitay DTAP to NP-F550 Dummy battery Straight Cable for Monitors and other devices

A D-tap to Dummy battery option for using external power sources such as V-mounts or Gold mounts batteries,
Suitable for shoots that require long hours of continuous rolling or have little time for battery swap, goes along
well with 1 to 4 way splitter for powering up, upto 4 devices providing convenience of having 1 single power source.

Zitay Brand Dtap cables and dummy battires are built for challenging conditions

Build with strong materials the Dummy battery will be able to handle environments of high temperature with adequate wear resistance ensuring that it last long even with constant usage.

With an Input range of 9v to 17v the dummy battery providing confidence and peace of mind should there be a small spike (up to 17v) in voltage coming from the external battery.

Low temperature tolerance, allowing you to shoot even in slightly colder environment.

Added feature
D-tap anti plugging Indicators,

Every Zitay Dtap Cables or Dummy batteries come with a in built microprocessor electronic control, it automatically identifies if the battery is safe to use upon plugging in.
It Indicates through a Led indication:

Red Flashing indication , Power source is unsafe

Green stable indication, Power source is safe to use.

Brand: Zitay
Input Voltage: 9V - 17V
Output Voltage: 8.2V 4A