Falconeyes RGB Light F7

Falconeyes RGB Light F7

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  • Falconeyes Pockelite pocket lamp F7 is a RGB small fill light with built-in battery, which uses an integrated aluminium alloy fuselage.With magnet adsorption function
  • Maximum power is 12W, illumination is 4000lux with the distance of 0.3m and CRI is 97. The adjustable range of color temperature is 2500-9000K.
  • There is 0-100 level dimming, each color has 100 level saturation and brightness to adjust.
  • Built-in multiple scenario mode applications, including police cars, fire engines, ambulances, lightning, paparazzi, HSI slow rotation, HS fast rotation, TV screen and candlelight.
  • With 1 inch OLED display, Type-C standard USB charging interface, supporting QC3.0 fast charging, the brightest lasting time is about 2 hours.

Part Number:F7


96pcs x 0.5W RGB

54pcs x 0.5W White

54pcs x 0.5W Yellow

Color Temperature:2500K-9000K

Color Control:0-100% Stepless Dimming

Output power:50W

Operating Voltage:5-15V2A

Beam Angle:110°



2500K: 0.3M 4900 / 0.5M 1610 / 1M 397 / 2M 101

5500K: 0.3M 5230 / 0.5M 1750 / 1M 434 / 2M 111

Dimension(mm)156x 80 x 15mm

CRI:2500K:97 5500K:92 9000K:97



Battery Capacity:7.4V/3000mAh