GODOX AK-R1 Accessories Kit

GODOX AK-R1 Accessories Kit

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AK-R1 accessory kit is suitable for Godox H200R round flash head---AD200 accessories, including Dome Diffuser, Diffuser Plate, Four-wing Reflector, Bounce Card, Honey Comb, Color Filters, Snoot and Portable Bag. Can achieve creative light effects by using them with great convenience and portability.

Magnetic accessory port is to achieve simple and fast installation. Optional magnetic accessories attach quickly and can be stacked on top of each other as needed.
Dome Diffuser: Soft and bright light from various of directions. Diffuser Plate: Soft & even light, more natural result.
Four-wing Reflector: Creative light effects by adjusting reflectors' directions. Bounce Card: Soft light effects for portrait shooting.
Honey Comb: Precise & direct light. Color Filters: Color correction & special effects.
Snoot: Spot light, shaping light for creative shooting. Portable Bag: Durable, portable. Convenient to store these accessories.

Brand: Godox
Model: AK-R1
Type: Pocket Flash Light Accessories Kit
Compatible: For Godox H200R Round Flash Head AD200 Accessories
Package Size: 18.3 * 10 * 6.7cm / 7.2 * 3.9 * 2.6in
Package Weight: 340g / 12.0oz

Packing List:
1 * Dome Diffuser
1 * Diffuser Plate
1 * Four-wing Reflector
1 * Bounce Card
1 * Honey Comb
6 * Color Filters(2 White, 3 Orange, 1 Green)
1 * Snoot
1 * Portable Bag