HIGHLIGHT E3-H2 Mini Pan Ball Head

HIGHLIGHT E3-H2 Mini Pan Ball Head

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LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY Panoramic Ball Heads

The E Series of LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY ball heads are the result of our latest R&D efforts. Utilizing our patented design, it offers better stability, a strong locking mechanism, and a lighter weight, enhancing its usability to suit a wide range of cameras, lenses and other accessories.

Unlike the conventional way of locking the ball, whereby a force is applied through a knob to the bottom of the ball to force it upwards against the ball head body in order to lock the ball in position, our locking mechanism utilizes what is naturally already available. The body that is already wrapped around the ball is used to lock the ball in position, by tightening the body against the ball. This not only ensures a tighter grip on the ball because of the increased surface area of contact, but the ball head height is lowered as well, improving the overall stability. Moreover, the material used is less as well, because of the lowered body, as well as because some parts of the body can now be removed, resulting in a lighter ball head that not only improves the locking strength, but the stability as well.

Our ball heads has one of the best weight/size to load ratio around.

Our ball head knob used to lock the ball is state of the art as well. Instead of a conventional round knob or a lever knob, our knob incorporates the advantage of both, with a built-in ratchet design. The locking mechanism comprises of a hexagon nut and a lever with a hexagon hole that acts as a ratchet. The lever can be pulled away from the nut and turned to another angle to engage the nut again, allowing the user to tighten or loosen the nut as much or as little as needed, just like the conventional round knob. Moreover, as we use a lever, the angle is also restricted, so the ball drag can be controlled, so that the ball will not suddenly become too loose that the equipment attached suddenly droops. This acts as a natural micro drag control on the ball head without need for additional hardware.

The Quick release clamp is also improved by lightening the weight through removal of unnecessary material, and quicker locking of the camera onto the ball head, improving shooting efficiency.