iFootage Cobra 2 Low Profile MiniPod

iFootage Cobra 2 Low Profile MiniPod

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IFootage Cobra 2 Low Profile Minipod Price & Specs

The Low-Profile Cobra Base from iFootage is compatible with Cobra monopods, but the base on its own is ideal for tabletop photography and portability because of its small size. It is suitable to mount a DSLR camera or accessory, and the top platform has quick release functionality for instant removal of the camera. Also, the movement of the swiveling base is controlled by the main locking knob, and the base can tilt at a 90° angle via the cut notch on its side. In addition, the reverse folding legs have 3-variable leg angles of 20°, 50°, and 78° to adjust for uneven terrain, and a rubber foot can also be utilized by folding the feet up.


  • Compatible with the Cobra Monopods
  • 3-Variable Angles of 20, 50, and 78°
  • Swiveling Base with Main Locking Knob
  • Cut Notch for 90° Tilting
  • Quick Release Platform
  • Legs Fold Upwards, in Reverse
  • Removable Rubber Foot