LEOFOTO PG-1 Gimbal Head

LEOFOTO PG-1 Gimbal Head

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Leofoto PG-1 The Gimbal Head is a professional tripod head designed for photographers who want comfort, stability and smooth control with a heavier zoom lens. The hollow structure is the biggest feature, the weight is feather light at only 1kg. Yet the bearing capacity can be as high as 25kg. This is something you can't get with ordinary Gimbal Head. The PG-1 Gimbal Head is ideal for long and heavy lenses and it allows you to rotate the lens around its center of gravity, making it a breeze to operate large lenses.

In sports and wildlife photography, mobility and speed are key factors that are supported by the Leofoto PG-1 which photographers to capture all those important moments.

The vertical scale and 360° panoramic scale allow for easy adjustment and repeatable pans, while the large pivot tension knob provides smooth tilting. A separate knob locks the translation for a more complete adjustment control.

  • Base Diameter: 76mm
  • Panning Clamp: Gimbal Head 
  • Length: 200mm
  • Height: 245mm
  • Width: 76mm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Max. load: 25kg