SMALLRIG Filter Frame Kit (4 x 5.65") 3649

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1. Quick assembly and secure via built-in magnets

2. Protective metal frame and anti-fingerprint design

3. Easy-to-use safety lock

4. Quick release of filter, just pull out for disassembly and push in for assembly


1: Any brand of 4 x 5.65", 4mm thick slide-in filter;

2: Compatible with Star-Trail (95mm) and Revo-Arcane (114mm) series matte box;


In the Box:      

1 x Stackable Clamp-On Back                     

2 x Filter Frame (4 x 5.65")


Product Dimensions: 175 x 138 x 18.3 mm

Package Dimensions: 202×144×41 mm

Product Weight: 174g±5g

Package Weight: 280g±5g

Material(s): Aluminum Alloy