SMALLRIG 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod 150mm 6Inch 1872

SMALLRIG 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod 150mm 6Inch 1872

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SmallRig 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod (6", pair) 1872 is a pair of rigid, durable while lightweight rods that won't weigh down your camera support rig. This pair of rods are 150mm long machined from hollow carbon fiber tubes. It is precision crafted for 15mm support systems. You can attach a wide variety of available accessories, such as follow focus, matte boxes and much more. If you have other demands, please have a look at 15mm carbon fiber rod 8 inches 870 and 15mm carbon fiber rod 12 inches 851.

Key features:
1. Lightweight.
2. Highly rigid and durable.
3. Corrosion resistant.

15mm support system

Package Includes:
2 x Carbon Fiber Rod

Product Dimensions: 150 x 15 x 15mm
Net Weight: 35g
Package Dimensions: 160 x 35 x 25mm
Package Weight: 51g
Material: Carbon Fiber