SMALLRIG 15mm Rod Clamp with Cold Shoe 1597 (DISCONTINUED)

SMALLRIG 15mm Rod Clamp with Cold Shoe 1597 (DISCONTINUED)

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Designer: Jeff Rock
SmallRig 15mm Rod Clamp with Cold Shoe 1597 enables an access to attach accessories to your DSLR cameras. It meets your demand for transferring the function of shoe mount to rod clamp. With one 15mm rod, you can attach monitor, EVF and other accessories. One locking ratchet lever makes it secure to tighten the rod clamp and cold shoe mount. The body of the rod clamp comes with two 1/4’’ thread holes for attaching additional accessories.

Key features:
1. Used with any industry-standard 15mm rod rail system.
2. The clamp is solidly engineered with high-quality aluminum alloy for durability.
3. One locking ratchet lever to tighten rod clamp and cold shoe. 
4. 1/4" threads for attaching more accessories.

Any shoe mount style accessories

Package Includes:
1 x 15mm Rod Clamp with Shoe Mount

Product Dimensions: 28x31.5x35.5mm
Net Weight: 29g
Package Size: 130x105x30mm
Package Weight: 41g
Material: Aluminum Alloy