SMALLRIG Basic Shoulder Rig Handle Kit 998(DISCONTNUED)

SMALLRIG Basic Shoulder Rig Handle Kit 998(DISCONTNUED)

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It includes a 30cm rod, a 90mm degree rail block and 2 rubber rod handles. It could attach a 15mm shoulder rig system via the rail block and could be used in the run-and-gun operation. Each handle is very flexible and can be moved independently, thus you can have one handle further away from your body than the other handle during operation. The handle could be locked tight via the wingnut, and its rubber material ensures a very comfortable holding by hand. The maximum width between the 2pcs handle is 30cm.

15mm Rod

Package Includes:
1 x 30cm Rod
1 x 15mm 90-degree rail block 922
2 x 15mm Rod Handle (Rubber Black) 989

Product Dimensions: 300x163x30 mm
Net Weight: 420 g
Package Size: 300x110x45 mm
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy/Rubber

Manufacturer Part Number: CoolHandles V5