TENBA Cineluxe Shoulder Bag 16

TENBA Cineluxe Shoulder Bag 16

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The Cineluxe Shoulder Bag 16 fits mirrorless or DSLR cameras with 3-5 lenses, or professional camcorders and compact cine cameras. It meets international carry-on regulations, and it will even fit under the seat of an airplane. This bag is compact, lightweight and easy to carry, and its interior height allows cameras to be stored with mics and other additional gear attached.

The Tenba Cineluxe Collection was developed in collaboration with a large group of professional filmmakers to deliver a unique level of speed, versatility, protection and performance to video camera bags. With a fast “doctor bag” style opening, these bags allow uncompromising filmmakers the quickest possible access to their gear, and they enable cameras to be stored with baseplates, matte boxes and other rig components attached. Cineluxe bags include a host of new features and "industry firsts," such as Tenba’s exclusive Flex-Core™ dividers that are both rigid and flexible, and an included set of padded wraps that help maximize the interior storage space by protecting additional lenses and other delicate gear when stored alongside a built rig. Every feature, function and size in the Cineluxe collection was carefully developed to meet the demands of working filmmakers.

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4.00 lbs ( 1.8-2.4 kg )

Exterior Dimensions

16 in. W x 10.25 in. H x 10.5 in.D ( 41 X 26 X 27 cm )

Interior Dimensions

13.5-14.5 in. W x 9 in. H x 8.5 in. D ( 34-37 X 23 X 22 cm )