TILTA Adjustable Top Handle for RED Komodo

TILTA Adjustable Top Handle for RED Komodo

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  • [FULLY ADJUSTABLE] Press the Release Button to Quickly Adjust the Top Handle or Side Handle
  • [SECURE CONNECTION] via ARRI Standard Rosette Connection
  • [PERFECT BALANCE] Loosen the 1/4″-20 Screw to Adjust the Handle Forward and Backward
  • [MOUNT ACCESSORIES] via 1/4"-20 Threads, Cold Shoe Receivers and 15mm Rod Mount
  • [EASY ACCESS] to View and Operate RED Komodo Top Screen

This adjustable handle can be attached to one of the rosette mounting points on the camera cage for RED Komodo. The handle can be adjusted not only from the rosette connection but also through the articulating center adjustment which uses a button configuration — simply push the button and rotate the handle into the position you desire. The handle also features a cold shoe mounting point and a single 15mm rod mount for attaching additional accessories.

Color: Tactical Gray / Black


Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel