VOIGTLANDER 28mm F2 ULTRON Vintage Line Aspherical VM

VOIGTLANDER 28mm F2 ULTRON Vintage Line Aspherical VM

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The new redesigned compact Ultron Vintage Line 28mm F2.0 Aspherical VM features improved aspherical optical performance using 10 lens elements in 7 groups.

Sharper, smaller, lighter, in three classic lens styles all add up to a great Vintage Line combo.

The Ultron Vintage Line 28mm F2.0 Aspherical VM lens offers the same three popular lens barrel choices as the recently introduced Vintage Line Ultron II 35mm F2.0 VM.

A) Type I 1950’s chrome and black styling with retro quick focusing knob

B) Type II 1970’s Black Paint or Chrome Plating on all brass lens barrel with fast focusing comfortable classic style focusing tab That makes five Voigtländer Vintage Line lenses currently offering Type I 1950’s styled lens choices:

Color Skopar 21mm F3.5 VM,

Ultron 28mm F2.0 Aspherical VM,

Ultron II 35mm F2.0 Aspherical VM,

Nokton 50mm F1.5 II Aspherical VM, and

Heliar 50mm F3.5 VM.

Likewise two Voigtländer Vintage Line lenses currently offer Type II 1970’s styling with all brass lens barrels in either black or silver finish:

the Ultron 28mm F2.0 Aspherical VM ,

the Ultron II 35mm F2.0 VM, and

the Nokton 75mm F1.5 VM in black or silver round out the current Voigtländer Vintage Line.

The versatile VM mount easily adapts to other popular lens mounts via Voigtländer close focus VM mount adapters to Sony E, Fuji FX-mount and Nikon Z-mount cameras.

The optional LH-4N and LH-12 lens hoods, which are manufactured from aluminum, feature a bayonet mount for quick attachment and removal and crystal paint highly valued for its classical texture.

Main Features

■ Classic retro styling

■ Beautiful Bokeh with 10 aperture blades

■ Manual focus for with all-metal lens barrel

■ Small Compact Lens Size using small 39mm filters

■ Bayonet type VM mount

■ Full frame image circle


Art-Nr. Typ I : 111405
Art.-Nr. Typ II schwarz : 111407
Art.-Nr. Typ II silber : 111406

(Specifications only in German at the moment)

Brennweite 28 mm
Anschluss M-Bajonett (VM)
Lichtstärke 1:2,0
Kleinste Blende F 22
Optischer Aufbau 10 Linsen in 7 Gruppen
Bildwinkel 74,51°
Blendenlamellen 10
Mindestentfernung 0,5 m
Entfernungsmesserkupplung ∞ ~ 0,7 m (abhängig von Kamera)
Filtergröße Ø 39 mm
Maximaler Durchmesser 52 mm (Type I), 51,4 mm (Type II)
Gesamtlänge 36 mm
Gewicht 190g (Type I), 230g (Type II)
Farben Schwarz/Chrom, Schwarz, Silber
Mitgeliefertes Zubehör Objektivdeckel, Rückdeckel
Optionales Zubehör Gegenlichtblende LH-4N / LH-12
EAN 4002451006903 (Type I)
4002451006910 (Type II Silber)
4002451006927 (Type II Schwarz)