Wotancraft Commander

Wotancraft Commander

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Commander backpack is designed for "outoor photography", capable of fitting large full-frame DSLR camera (eg. Canon 1D, Nikon D850 with battery grip), and you can access your camera from side zipper openings.

The bottom portion of the backpack can fit a DSLR camera body + lens, a 70-200mm lens, an a flash. The upper portion with Velcro-secured insert can fit up to 3 lenses, or 2 full-frame mirrorless cameras.

The bottom portion of the backpack can be divided with T-shaped divider, to accommodate your DSLR, lens and flash. Or, you can fit 2 DSLR cameras, and access them through the left/right side zipper openings.

The camera tripod you need for landscape photography can be secured with the front leather fastener straps.